Verve Standing Desk Now in Stock

The Verve™ Standing Desk will help you put your best foot forward… and then keep you on it. This stylish adjustable-height desk is designed to encourage more movement throughout the day, which may help improve focus so you can keep your creativity activated all day long. The contoured tabletop features an adjustable angle, making it easy for you to go above and beyond.

• Designed to help encourage more movement during the workday
• Height-adjustable using a screw-in assembly method from a 36-42″H range to suit a variety of users
• Contoured tabletop adjusts from 0 to 13 degrees to suit individual users and projects
• Standing height helps promote a more active working environment and may help promote additional calorie burn and increased focus over sitting
• Pairs well with leaning or perch seating to help reduce fatigue from standing while still maintaining a more active and engaging posture
• Sturdy stainless steel base and White or Walnut laminate top for long-lasting durability
• Includes two integrated cup holders in the tabletop for secure storage of coffee, water or other beverages